Coaches Corner

Year Overview


August - October

Team Introduction -Conduct team meetings and review player, parent, and coaches expectations for the year. 

Field Assignments - Assignments for fall practices will be finalized by OBC Operations.

Safety Requirements - Coaches will complete safety requirements prior to starting facility training.  

Fundraising - OBC Golf Outing – October 8th at 12pm at Delaware Golf Club – Our biggest fund raiser.


November - March

Facility Training - Begins first week of December

  • Teams will have two 1.5 hours sessions per week. 1 on a weekday and 1 on a weekend.
  • Schedule will be finalized in the beginning of November
  • Training plans will be provided to coaches to be used to run practices
  • Coaches meeting will be held to review training materials and drills.

Uniforms - these will be ordered through the Wilson Team Shop. A link will be provided to coaches to share with players.

Team Equipment - OBC will provide coaches with all equipment required. Baseball Operations will place orders in Fall and as needed thereafter.

Field assignments - assignment for the Spring/Summer season will be complete for coaches to start scheduling games and practices.


March - July

Spring Party - OBC will hold a party to kick off the season.

Field Maintenance - OBC will conduct maintenance or updates from March - April in preparation for the games.

Outside Practices - Practices can move outside in March and the Hitting Facility will be available when it is cold or wet outside.

Team Pictures - Pictures will be taken in March.

Game Begin - Games start in April. NOTE: it is encouraged for 12U and up to play away games until the school season is over due to limited field availability.

Social Media - OBC will setup a way for teams to send pictures of games and tournaments to a central location to have them posted to our social media pages.  

Tryouts - Tryouts for next season will be held in July.

Coach Expectation

  • Coaches are expected to provide a safe and fun learning environment
  • Coaches will be on time and prepared for practices and games
  • Coaches are expected to learn and understand rules and team “management”
  • General rules of baseball for your respective age group
  • Divisional game rules (COYBL)
  • Tournament rules
  • Pitch-count rules (divisional + tournament) and general arm safety
  • Coaches will promote good sportsmanship and lead by example
  • Coaches will hold players accountable who do not exhibit good sportsmanship
  • Coaches will maintain good communication with parents & players
  • Coaches will work towards the development of their team as well as individual players
  • Coaches will be fair and give honest feedback on players and parents
  • Coaches will NOT foster an environment at practices, games, or any team event where players feel intimidated, frightened, bullied or singled-out
  • OBC will conduct ANONYMOUS SURVEYS across the entire organization
  • OBC Directors will also randomly visit practices and games to observe 

The Game Dugout and Training

OBC recommends that there are no more than 3 coaches in the dugout during games. This does not include a 'team parent manager' keeping score outside the dugout.

Teams can have multiple Assistant Coaches or Parent Assistants to help during practices; however, CHOOSE WISELY - get to know the ability and personality of your players first as well as that of their parents.

Team Management and Communications

OBC recommends to over-communicate rather than under communicate with your teams. OBC would prefer that you use the Crossbar application for team communications, but coaches have the autonomy to choose whatever application they prefer such as Game Changer, Game Changer Team Manager, or Team Snap.

Team management such as rosters and scheduling should be done in Crossbar.

The Season

Game Expectations

  • Divisional Games: 10 - 14
  • Non-Divisional Games: 5 - 10
  • Tournaments: 4 - 6
  • Overnight: 1 - 2
  • Central Ohio or "day-trip": 3 - 4

Training Expectations

  • Once the season begins, it is expected that teams continue to have scheduled practices at least once a week as the team calendar permits.
  • If weather is good, practices should be outdoors using a field or green space.
  • Teams can use the varsity softball/baseball batting cages.
  • The hitting facility is available during warming months, but preferably ONLY when the weather is not good. Please reach out to Aaron Meyers for scheduling.

COYBL - Central Ohio Youth Baseball

COYBL is a Central Ohio baseball organization that creates divisions from 7U to 17U. Teams will be registered with COYBL and these costs are built into your budget.

Divisions - There are multiple divisions at each each group:

  • Each age group will have around 3 to 6 divisions.
  • Each age group will have around 5 to 8 teams.
  • Each team will play each opponent in their division twice (home/away)
  • Home Team is responsible for the following:
  • Securing and preparing the field for play
  • Securing and paying for the umpires - OBC pays $65 per umpire
  • 8U - 10U: 1 umpire per game
  • 11U and up: 2 umpires per game
  • Divisions are created in late fall early winter and developed by taking into consideration a combination of each individual team's level of competitiveness and geography.
  • COYBL has a Director at each age group to coordinate efforts.

How do I determine what division my team will play in?

  • Coaches have input when COYBL begins the process of developing divisions and are expected to be involved with the COYBL communications as it relates to their teams.
  • Coaches should attend the COYBL "Coaches Meeting" which serves as an orientation for coaches and where you will also have the ability to contribute during the division formation process.
  • Communications will be sent regarding the "Coaches Meeting". Pleas ensure that you register with COYBL to receive communications regarding this event.

Registering my team with COYBL

Coaches will be able to register their teams on the COYBL site once teams are placed in a COYBL division. The following describes how this happens:

  1. Register your team on the COYBL site.
  2. Schedule your divisional games.
  3. Create your team page - this will include updating your page with your roster and divisional schedule.

After playing divisional games

Coaches must confirm game details with the opposing coach and determine who will update the game on the COYBL site. This will include final score and pitch count. KNOW THE PITCH COUNT RULES! This information is provide below, but also ensure that you check the rules on both COYBL and tournament sites to ensure you are clear.

COYBL Required Training

COYBL requires all coaches to complete the following training:

  • USA Baseball Abuse Awareness Course
  • Concussion Training
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training
  • Lindsay's Law

Team Insurance

As part of registering with COYBL, teams are registered with Five Tool Youth (formerly Nations Baseball) which comes with insurance. Your team insurance “policy” can be accessed and printed on the Five Tools Youth website anytime, which may be a requirement for some tournaments. You can also update the policy on the website in order “add” additional insured as requested by some tournaments, tournament venues and hosts.

Please refer to the COYBL website “Managers Help” link for more detailed assistance.

Tournaments and Umpires

Budget: Each OBC team has a budget for tournaments and umpires

  • The number of tournaments you choose to play in depends on how you use your budget and begins with divisional games.
  • You are required to play in every COYBL divisional game, and thus carry the expense associated with umpires ($55 - $65 per game).
  • The remainder of your “Post-COYBL” divisional game umpire/tournament budget may be directed towards the umpire fees of your non-divisional games and tournaments.

Where to find tournaments:

Some tournaments allow for registration on their own website or by contacting the tournament director and in some instances you will be asked to register on USSSA and Five Tools.

How to pay for tournaments:

Teams can pay for tournaments personally and then request to be reimbursed by OBC - this will come out of the team

If multiple OBC teams are in the same tournament we may elect to pay for ALL teams in that tournament with one organization check or OBC credit card and adjust team budgets accordingly.

Helpful Hints:

  • Be thorough when registering for a tournament.
  • A few days after registering, confirm you are registered by visiting the site you registered on or contacting the tournament director.
  • Print off and maintain all confirmations of registration and payment receipt (credit card/check).
  • Confirm everything again 6 to 8 weeks prior to the tournament date.
  • Review the number of teams registered and have a back-up plan should the number of teams registered looks low.
  • In this case, reach out the tournament director to evaluate the situation, a possible refund and alternative tournament.
  • Print off the tournament rules and study them - Especially pitching rules.
  • Have a strategy
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